Learning Music As an Adult

While we have all heard stories of child prodigies and the importance of learning music as a child, an adult can still learn to play an instrument quite well. Even with no prior experience, the right training can help an adult learn to play music just as well as a child. The main thing is […]

Making the Adult Learning Program Effective

The present economic climate makes the need for adult learning more important than ever. An adult learner is a non traditional student enrolled in a learning program. This non traditional learning process could involve formal education at a secondary school, college or university. It could also be informal learning or a training and development of […]

Solutions to Common Problems Faced by Adult Learners

Adult students mostly do not have the luxury of attending college on a full time basis because of their work and family obligations. They often experience problems which, if not overcome, can result in the derailing of their educational goals. There are things that they can do though to help overcome the typical problems that […]

Curriculum Design That Engages Adult Learners

The adult learner wants to be an active participant throughout the entire learning process. This means I need to find ways to involve him besides asking him to sit and listen to me lecture or read from a slide show. One sure-fire way to design and deliver training that involves the adult learner is to […]

Traditional College Students Vs Adult Learners – What Are Their Differences?

Nowadays, abounding adults are abiding to academy as non-traditional acceptance either to accomplishment a amount already started, but never completed, or to access an avant-garde amount for bigger career future. There are some differences of these developed learners that accomplish them different from added acceptable academy students. In adjustment to accept what it takes to […]